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Lean for all?

Lean4All is the name of my consulting company:

I help small to mid-size companies bridge the gap between ownership expectations and management execution: clarifying strategy, focusing tactics, measuring progress, adjusting execution, engaging hearts and minds.


 What does a clownfish hanging out in a blue anemone have to do with improving how businesses work?

On a healthy coral reef several thousand species interact in complex, interdependent ways that are difficult to see and understand but critical to the overall health of our planet. Unfortunately, reefs around the planet are in crisis, stressed and suffering because we have not understood or protected those relationships. (To help, visit: Coral Reef Alliance)

In business relationships we have many of the same difficulties seeing the connections and the flow of our work. We’re also seeing the results of those stresses: difficulty competing in a world market, unhappy and less productive work forces, poorly served customers, depressed profits, and entire organizations at risk.

Improving processes really means improving relationships, between people, between people and things, between people and technology.

My personal belief is that improvement initiatives left solely in the hands of “experts” (including me) never really succeed.

Lean4All is dedicated to finding ways to engage everyone in your organization in collaborative and mutually fulfilling ways.